Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bright and colourful? May be.. May be not..

Eyes lightened up and twisting toungue teasingly..
Just Kidding!


రాధిక said...

హరివిల్లు మీ బ్లాగులోకి వంగినట్టుంది.బ్యూటిఫుల్.
అన్నట్టు బంతి,చామంతి ఈ సీజన్ లో పూస్తాయా?

J-O-S-H (My Bench !) said...

I guess december time lo poostayi. bcoz i saw them in the market also, selling like crazy.But in my uncle's house, its fully hybrid and may be bcoz of that they are so big and always with flowers.
Ya, i liked the new look on my blog too. shall keep posting often.
Thanks for the coments.