Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Some more pics of my trip... Posted by Picasa

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Monday, November 06, 2006

State building in Providence... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the water falls and ghat road in new hampshire...

a lake view in boston...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

well these are the front view of the white mountains...an dthe hotel there is where we stayed... naah just kiding..i am not that rich yet!

Trip to newhampshire... fall colours.. long drive... and chilling climate...lovely package!

white mountains..in New hampshire...

Friday, October 20, 2006

defining hope??
walk with hope in your heart..so that u will never walk alone!
New hampshire... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

my small nayagara..!!
colourful !
yaadein??!! missing home after a long time...

fall colours... this blue tinge is my fav! it was a very clear day..and i njoyed a lot..my first siteseeing in Us

scary?? life... dont know whatz in store!

serene..and calm...we had a gr8 time clicking our cameras here... a long weekend for columbus day was indeed useful to upload the blog! rememeber columbus..columbus from "jeans'?!