Friday, July 21, 2006

Can u spot the Charminar?
the road in the middle of the pic leads u to the four pillars..
the fly was view.. amazingly kingfisher!
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Melting moments?!! i sweat so much to wash ,peel n cut these fruits n my sis slyly put them in these gorgeous glasses n stole the credit... the fruit salad vth icecream was mmmmmmmch!

I know sitting idle is bad..but not this much!
anyways i was fond of their dining table so much that i clicked so many pics... nd hey i was gifted this dairy and that small book lying there by my jeeju.
Ahhhh room freshners!
what did i do for 3 weeks in banglore sitting at home? dusted my sister's shelves... so took time to click 1/100 th of her junk!

Heart of banglore if i can say...n sorry i forgot the lakes name..but its very serene n clean... nice view in that heavy traffic area near cock's town...
cute isnt it?? one of my jeeju's wall pieces in their living room...