Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day

A rainbow pattern card front- Inspiration from Kristina Werner's inspired series.

The card centre-Oragami  Letters- D A D-Inspiration from for a great idea!

Card Back- a conical Flask conversation-completely original idea- for a science DAD. the periodic elements idea is from the google images

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

handmade Diwali cards 2013

thanks to splitcoaststampers for the twirlup/rocket card idea.
Happy Diwali.
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A few more Diwali handmade cards

 A bhoochakram spinner card(thanks to Dawn from stampin'up) , Ravana Samharam and Rama pattabhishekam card for Diwali., a small flowerpot shaped triangular treat box for diwali.
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Handmade Diwali cards 2013


Been away from the blog for a long time now- so back with a bang!

have a blast for this Diwali...made some cards for the kids in the family along with my 2and half year old son.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sun set point, Land between lakes, scenic KY drive.

Before and after Sunset...LBL, KY

Hematite trail...Scenic lake Hematite..

Lake Hematite- Land Between the Lakes, KY... tortoise..Owl( forgot the name of this old looking bird).

Land Between the lakes, Kentucky.... 1840 Iron ore Furnace.

Horse statues during the Equestrian games, Lexington, KY

More of Horses...

Horse exhibits with themes- Bewitched, Digital horse, Princess palace.. a rainy day.